Nashville Parking Lot Striping – On Staying Safe Between the Lines

Unless you are in charge of managing a property or own a commercial building, you may not be able to realize the importance of having proper parking lot maintenance. Every retail establishment, office and residential building are relying on good, quality services of pavement specialists who makes sure that the parking lots they are taking care of are safe for drives and pedestrians alike.

Why Parking Lot Striping Is Important

Striping your parking lot helps optimize the flow of traffic in parking lots. In addition to making parking lots safe for drivers and pedestrians, markings and stripes create a safe environment for employees, visitors and customers. Over time, these markings and stripes will fade due to weather and wear and tear due to natural traffic.

Having a fresh coat of paint certainly draws attention to pre-assigned parking spaces, indicates the direction of traffic and makes it a lot safer for pedestrians and drivers to maneuver without potential accidents.

There are Parking Lot Safety Regulations

While there are traffic rules that are certainly not applicable to parking lots, there are certain safety requirements that property owners must abide by if their property has a parking lot. The stripes and pavement markers within a parking lot are there for a reason. In many states, there is a law that requires that every parking lot must be painted with fresh coat of reflective paint every couple of years.

Efficiency in the Parking Lot Space

The next time you find yourself in a parking lot, take a few moments to look at all the markings on the pavement. There should be a fire lane, crosswalks or pedestrian lanes, dedicated handicapped parking slots and other safety markers. Safety and efficiency are the key reasons why proper parking lot striping is critical, whether the parking lot is for employees, residents or customers.

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