Useful Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

Imagine that your parking lot is a lawn. It needs consistent care and attention for it to maintain its form and general aesthetics for as long as possible. Your parking lot would need tending and attention through its useful lifespan and with this, we have some tips that will help maintain your parking lots and at the same time keep the maintenance cost while you sit back to appreciate the view.

  1. Sweeping – by keeping your parking lot clean of debris such as rocks and leaves, will not only make it attractive but also makes it safer for cars and pedestrians who are using it. By regular sweeping, dirt and debris are removed which can hamper proper drainage. If debris is not removed, water accumulated pools. Standing water can cause the surface to break down and over time, water finds a way into the sub base. With freezing and thawing, water creates cracks and potholes which can also be expensive to repair.

  2. Maintaining proper drainage – a backed up drain is an eye sore, can hide potential hazards and the standing water can wear down the pavements stability.

  3. Finding growth – if you are finding weeds grow on the pavement, this is a problem. Try to eliminate any vegetation as their roots will push through the pavement, breaking the surface, create tripping hazards, and eventually assisting water get through the ground.

  4. Fill in the cracks – filled cracks will help keep water and vegetation out. The pavement will stay dry, strong and solid.

  5. Clean petroleum based drips – oil products can cause similar problems as water. Oil products breaks down the integrity of the pavement and weakens the surface. There are many ways how to remove oil stains but it is recommended to find what works best for you before the stain gets permanent on the pavement.

  6. Restriping – by rearranging the parking stripes, not only it gives the pavement a new and fresh look but it would also spare it the natural wear and tear. If tires keep on traversing the same spots over and over, there would be a big chance that those specific areas would break faster than the areas which are less used.

  7. Sealcoating – adding a sealcoat to your asphalt parking lot, it gives extra shield on debris as well as helps on slowing down the natural breakdown of the pavement. Depending on the climate and the daily use, it is good to consider sealcoating every 2-3 years.

  8. Keep a contractor on your phone book – BPC LLC is ready to help you and can recommend the best solution for parking lot maintenance.

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