Parking Lot Striping – Part Science and Part Art

At first glance, parking lot striping may look easy and simple. Clients sometimes can only appreciate the newly painted parking spots with neat and perfectly straight lines and might think that there is no more to it. But in reality, creating these parking spots is actually an intricate process that requires careful planning and accurate execution.

The entire process starts by taking practical factors into consideration. At this point of the project, the paving company will start to consider:

  1. City zoning requirements and limits on the number of parking spaces.
  2. Total surface area of the parking lot.
  3. The desired parking lot size and shape.
  4. The preferred layout of the lot.
  5. Logistics of traffic flow within the lot area and adjacent roads.

After these points have been considered, the company will create the plan for the parking lot striping. While these plans are usually created for a familiar and orderly layout that maximizes the available space, some clients would prefer to add some twist and flair to the parking lot by creating extraordinary to differently oriented or shaped parking spots.

Some parking lot striping possibilities include

  1. Single lines – Simple least expensive option.
  2. Double lines- can separate individual spots or as markers to the ends of rows.
  3. T-Stall parking- These box-style parking stalls make the most of the limited spaces against isolated corners or walls.
  4. Rounded ends – a more decorative choice, alternative to the double line style.
  5. Custom striping – To accommodate the client’s input for the layout or design.

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