How to Reduce Parking Lot Costs: Paving Maintenance

Repairing your pavement is an important part of your parking lot’s overall maintenance program. With regular maintenance, the usable life of asphalt will be longer and will generally result in having a lower replacement cost. A good way to maintain your asphalt paving is with sealcoating.

Sealcoating in general protects and prolongs the life of any parking lot by plugging the surface holes which in turn reduces exposure to ultraviolet rays, lessen oxygenation, and fill in gaps to prevent gas, oil or water that can penetrate the pavement. Fresh sealcoat paving adds and extends life to the asphalt pavement and will definitely give the new appearance.

Sealcoats is generally composed of emulsified asphalt, mineral fillers, water and various other additions. Sealcoats are applied directly to the surface of an asphalt pavement.

There are two effective ways to apply sealcoat: either with a squeegee or spray. But before the application of sealcoat, the pavement should be clear and free of dirt and debris, potholes must be fully repaired, cracks need to be filled in and obvious pavement blemishes such as oil spots must be cleaned. This is to make sure that the sealcoat will adhere to the surface better. Air and pavement temperature should also be considered. Temperature should ideally be at 55 degrees Fahrenheit during application and for 8 hours afterwards. The seal coated area should be kept free from any traffic to allow proper cooling and drying. The area needs to be clear for around 18-36 hours, almost 2 days before the pavement can be used.

In conclusion, Sealcoating protects and maintains the life of your asphalt pavement and should generally be done every 2-4 years depending on traffic and weather conditions. The ideal time to seal coat a pavement is when deterioration is first discovered; thus saving expensive patching or repaving. BPC Asphalt only uses the highest quality sealants and the latest sealant spray equipment to apply the proper coatings to revitalize and preserve your asphalt investment.


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