Repairing Asphalt Driveway Cracks

Nothing really ruins your asphalt driveway like a huge crack that runs in the middle of it. You would be better off fixing those small noticeable and manageable cracks before they turn into those big nasty ones.

Although many homeowners are able to fix their asphalt driveways easily, the execution of the repair might not be right and might cause more damage than repairing it and with this, it is wise to consider hiring a professional asphalt driveway contractor.

Preparing the Driveway

Before you start fixing cracks on your asphalt driveway, you have to prepare the area you plan to repair. You would not want to make the crack deeper as it is but instead, clean up the edges so you can be sure to fill in the crack completely.

You can start by removing any jagged pieces with a chisel at the edge of the crack so you can create a smooth line as possible from one end to another. Clean the crack by using a brush to take out all the large pieces of debris then completely clean it with compressed air to remove the remaining small, fine particles. This will leave you a clean crack that is ready for filling.

Repairing the Driveway

Repairing small asphalt cracks is similar to fixing small, visible cracks on concrete, expect that you would be using asphalt-based crack filler. Make sure that the crack asphalt is not only clean but dry as well before you would start. You then just filling in the crack using a caulking gun and even out the area using a trowel.

For larger repairs, you would first fill in the crack with crushed gravel until the crack is more or less than 2 inches deep. Next step is to pour in cold patch asphalt repair compound. Use a metal tamper to even out the area then apply more compound as needed and repeat the steps until the crack is completely filled out.

Getting Help from an Asphalt Driveway Contractor

What is causing the driveway cracks is often water that gets in and under the driveway material. Add in the freeze-thaw cycle which exerts pressure on the driveway. However there are other factors to consider for the formation of cracks; poor driveway installation, heavy loads driving over the driveway, impact from heavy objects and even tree roots that are growing.

Besides knowing ‘first aid’ repairs to your asphalt driveway, a professional contractor should also be able to determine exactly what caused the cracks in the first place and will advice on how to prevent it from happening again.

Repairing cracks DIY-style may seem to be perfect but without the help of professionals like BPC Asphalt, you may have to do the entire job yourself all over again year after year.


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