Tar and chip is a paving process that combines crushed stone and liquid asphalt to create a durable, natural looking driving or parking lot surface. It offers good traction, high curb appeal, and requires less maintenance than traditional asphalt paving. Tar and chip surfaces are not required to be sealed, and draw in less heat than black top paving.

At B.P.C. in Nashville, tar and chip paving services are another great asphalt related service that we provide. We provide our customers with high quality, low carbon footprint tar and chip paving solutions that stand the test of time. Our professional paving crew has the knowledge and skills to get the job done right and within budget.

Tar and chip is an affordable alternative to asphalt paving, and the team at Nashville Asphalt Paving Services will make sure your newly paved tar and chip road or driveway meets and exceeds all of your needs.



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BPC did a great job on my parking lot, I would highly recommend them. Great company.

Tony Jones

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